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Looking for a band that will give your event a unique and unforgettable atmosphere? Look no further! Founded by Gabriel Dias, a highly trained performer who studied music at the world-famous Juilliard School in New York, this authentic Brazilian brass band brings the celebration of Carnival Blocos to Europe with their mix of pop, rock, funk, samba, soul, and salsa songs.

With vast musical experience and performances at various venues in London, around the UK, and throughout the world, Rio Brass has entertained countless crowds at weddings, parties, and corporate events worldwide. The band has an international experience, having performed in countries such as Italy, France, and beyond.

As a standard 5-piece band, Rio Brass consists of trumpet, alto sax, trombone, tuba, and a full drum kit. They can customize their performance to suit your specific needs and offer a standard set time of 2 x 45-minute performances.

With their unique sound and vibrant energy, Rio Brass will create a lively atmosphere that will have your guests tapping their feet and feeling the rhythm. So why not add a touch of Brazilian flavor to your event and book Rio Brass today?

Viva o Carnaval!

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