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Rio Brass is an authentic Brazilian brass band with a unique twist. Performing impressive pop, rock, funk, samba, soul, and salsa songs, Rio Brass brings the celebration of Carnival Blocos to Europe. The Carnival Blocos is an annual celebration where the whole of Rio becomes a festival of color and captivating music as thousands of people take to the street to take in the music of the "Blocos" street bands. Rio Brass was created with the aim of sharing the passion and power of this unique festival with the world. The band was the brainchild of the band's renowned trumpeter; a highly trained performer who studied music at the world-famous Juilliard School in New York. Rio Brass performs both authentic upbeat Brazilian music and bespoke arrangements of popular tunes from the likes of Ed Sheeran, Sia, and Elton John. This mix will add an infusion of joyful energy to your event, delighting guests with fresh, new musical styles and old favorites heard anew. Past performances include appearances at various venues in London, around the UK, and throughout the world, including Capri, Italy, and Toulouse, France. Boasting vast musical experience between them, the Rio Brass has performed at countless weddings, parties, and corporate events across the world. These talented and accomplished musicians have created a fresh and individual action that is guaranteed to capture the attention of any audience. Coming as a 5-piece as standard, Rio Brass consists of trumpet, alto sax, trombone, tuba, and a full drum kit. You can upgrade this line up to a 7-piece by adding another trumpet and a percussionist. You can also reduce the band's line-up to a 4-piece by removing the trombone. They have a standard set time of 2 x 45-minute performances.


This brilliant brass band is on a mission to bring a taste of the Brazilian Carnival to your event and to honor the Bloco tradition of celebrating music. Book them today for a guaranteed party!


Viva o Carnaval!

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